February Newsletter

Despite Lockdown, there seems to have been plenty going on in the Group, and we’ll also have new ways in which we can connect with God over the coming days, on Ash Wednesday and throughout the season of Lent. Find out more details in this month’s newsletter (note that where there are links in the Newsletter, please download the PDF version, from where you can click through using the links – the links can’t work in the image on the website, below):

I look forward in particular to journeying through this coming Lent season with you, as we seek the Lord’s presence in our lives.

Many God bless all of you, and all those whom you love, and keep you safe in these tough times,

Rev. Tim Chambers

The Cranmer Group
NEW E-mail: vicar@cranmergroup.org.uk   

NEW Tel: 01949 850523
Mobile: 07946 526569

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