Good Friday Meditation

Our meditation for Good Friday is a series of six reflections based on the Gospel accounts of the last hours of Jesus’s life:

Each reflection is accompanied by an image (see all images below) and a piece of music, to help you enter into the sensations and emotions of the protagonists of Christ’s final hours, and allow these to deepen your relationship with, and love for, him.

We would of course normally be together in one of our churches, to participate in a time of meditation on Christ’s Passion, between the hours of 2 and 3pm – his last hour on the cross. We’re only-too-aware that such a gathering is not possible today.

I’m afraid that we’ve also, following a re-emphasis of Coronavirus guidelines from our Diocese, had to shelve our plans to share in a Home  Communion, as I’d previously indicated we would do. I’m sorry that this is the case, but I hope you can understand that it’s imperative that we follow instructions precisely, to minimise risks to us all.

Nevertheless, in this strange time when our sense of the importance of connections is heightened, it’s my prayer that this Good Friday, you will feel more closely than ever the presence of  Jesus in your life, and that you will have a renewed sense of our shared fellowship in Christ.

Best wishes, stay safe, and God bless,

Rev. Tim Chambers
The Cranmer Group

Mobile: 07946 526569

The images to help us reflect are here:

Reflection 1: Pilate. 
Luke 23:13-25

Eric Gill – Christ Before Pilate

Reflection 2: Simon of Cyrene. 
Luke 23:26-31

Simon of Cyrene Carries The Cross

Reflection 3: The Soldiers and the Crowd. 
Luke 23:23-27

William Blake – The Soldiers Casting Lots for Christ’s Garments

Reflection 4: The Good Thief
Luke 23:39-43

Bradi Barth – St. Dismas the Good Thief

Reflection 5 – Mary and Jesus. 
John 19:25-27

Mary and St. John Before the Cross

Reflection 6: The Cross. 
Luke 23:44-49

Rembrandt – The Three Crosses

10 Replies to “Good Friday Meditation”

  1. Dear Tim

    Thank you for this very thoughtful evocative basis to personal re-consideration of the Good Friday narrative. The combination of your own contemplation , appropriate images and music were a great help to my “hour at the cross” so thank you again

    1. Thank you, Richard – I’m very glad that it was a help to you. Best wishes for a hopeful and joy-filled Easter! God bless, Tim

  2. Tim I have just heard your Podcast service for today and think it was great and you spoke very well; thank you!

  3. Just seen this on the internet please may I use some or all of it for the service I am doing this good Friday

  4. Dear Tim I’ve come across your meditation while looking for inspiration for Good Friday this year. I think it’s really powerful.
    As in the previous post, may I use some of this for our online service?
    Many thanks

  5. Hello, I have just read through your meditations for Easter and I was wondering if it would be acceptable for me to print them and use them in our church for personal reflection?

    1. Of course, thank you, Lynda – you are very welcome to do so. I hope that they will be a blessing to you and your church, Tim

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