Sunday Sermon – Easter Day, April 12th

Alleluia! Christ Is Risen!

Our Easter Day reading, sermon and prayers are now available on our podcast page. Do listen to them there, and celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

During the online service, if you would like to join in worship by singing the great Easter hymn, Jesus Christ Is Risen Today, do please pause the podcast where suggested; open up this fine Songs of Praise rendition of it; and sing along!

Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!
Our triumphant holy day, Alleluia!
Who did once upon the cross, Alleluia!
Suffer to redeem our loss. Alleluia!

Hymns of praise then let us sing Alleluia!
Unto Christ our heavenly King, Alleluia!
Who endured the cross and grave, Alleluia!
Sinners to redeem and save. Alleluia!

For the pains which he endured, Alleluia!
Our salvation have procured, Alleluia!
Now above the sky he’s King, Alleluia!
Where the angels ever sing. Alleluia!

If you’d prefer to read rather than listen to the podcast, the sermon transcript, reading and prayers can be downloaded here:

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